If you are a tenant of a property provided by SB Lets then please take note of the contents of this page.

Schedule Of Fees

While we are committed to keeping fees as low as possible, we do require each of the following in order to provide the high level of service we work hard to maintain.

  • Admin Fee (per tenant) - £197

    Our admin fee is incurred at the start of a tenancy.

  • Current Tenant Reference Fee (per tenant) - £35

    This is the charge we incur from our insurance provider, Homelet, which is passed on to each tenant.

  • Immigration Visa Check (non EU Citizens only) - £24

    By law, before we can offer housing to a non EU Citizen, we must check through official channels whether they are legally within UK.

  • Deposit Registration Fee - £30

    Your deposit will be safely kept by the government approved company My Deposits. We will deal with them on your behalf and process the neccessary paperwork.

  • Property Check-in - £36

    Checking into your new home will require neccessary paperwork and legal documentation, which we will process for you.

  • Property Check-out - £36

    Checking out requires a similar level of processing to checking in, and therefore will incur the same level of cost.

  • Guarantor Fee (per tenant) - £69

    When a guarantor is provided, we must perform all the necessary checks in order to make sure they are suitable for the position.

  • Inventory Fees - subject to property

    Your new home may come with some items or furniture already in place, we'll need to document what's there and what condition they're in at the start and end of your tenancy.

All Fees Above Include 20% VAT

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