These are our most frequently asked questions. Please read through this before contacting us and if your query has not been answered, then do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I pay my rent?

To pay your rent, please set up a standing order through your bank's online gateway and pay through a direct bank transfer.

How do we get our bills and how do we pay them?

A few weeks after you've moved in, you will receive a welcome letter or email from all of your utility providers. You should then follow their instructions for paying them directly.

What steps should we take when we plan to move out?

Please let us know!

If you contact us as soon as you've made the decision, we will prepare for you to be checked out on the day of your choosing. You will need to let us know in writing, so either drop us a letter, or for a much quicker response, send us an email. You can find our email address and address on our contact page.

How do we report a fault?

If you come across a fault in one of our properties, you'll need to let us know.

We have a dedicated fault form here on our website. Fill this out and we will repond as soon as possible.

How do we get our wifi?

WiFi is provided by your home's router, which receives internet from a provider such as Virgin, Sky or BT.

You will need to arrange with the supplier of your choice directly to get your internet set up. Each of these providers will have deals with their other services, so if you're looking for a TV package as well then make sure to add on internet too. Look at Uswitch for a comparison of deals and prices.

Can you advise on which internet package I should get?

We can't give a full recommendation but please feel free to use this as a general guide:

Take note of whether you're being offered speeds in MB or Mb (small or capital B). One MB is the same as 8 Mb.

For general website viewing for one person, 4Mb will be sufficient. If you ever need to visit video sites such as YouTube, 8Mb per second or more would be needed.

For any streaming service such as Netflix, you will need at least 8Mb per second, for each concurrent user. For their highest quality streams, that rises to at least 30Mb per second.

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