When working with property it is essential to pay close attention to the the many laws and guidelines set by the UK government. This information concerns everything that you need to know about the legal aspect of renting property.

Your Duties

As a landlord renting out a property, you have a number of duties that must be attended to. While we will take care of most of them, depending on your agreement with us, there may be some things you need to take note of. We will need to bill you the cost of the materials for replacements or repairs.

  • Maintain Your Property

    As a landlord, you must maintain the structure and exterior of your property, throughout the tenancy agreement. With our managed service we will take care of this for you, though any expenditure will be taken from our monthly payment to you.

  • Fit Smoke Alarms

    Your property must be fitted with working smoke detectors and where necessary, carbon monoxide detectors. We will install and replace the them for you.

  • Provide Water, Electricity and Gas

    Supply of utilities is the responsibility of the landlord. We will make the necessary arrangements if something goes wrong.

  • Maintain Furniture and Appliances

    If you have chosen to rent out your property furnished, you must guarantee that they continue to function correctly. While you won't be liable for any damages, if an appliance exceeds its life cycle you will need to cover the cost of a replacement.

  • Give Notice Before Visiting

    Once your tenancy agreement is signed, you no longer have the right to enter your property unannounced. You can however still enter the property, if necessary, by giving the tenant 24 hours notice. In most cases you shouldn't need to do this, as under our full management agreement, we will take care of repairs and maintenance on your behalf.

Your Tenant's Duties

There are also a number of things that will be the responsibility of your tenant.

  • Paying Rent On Time

    If you're working with us then this is something that we will take care of. However, it is important to know that once signing the agreement, your tenants are under a legal obligation to pay on time.

  • Looking After the Property

    Your tenants must keep your property in the same good, liveable condition it was provided to them in. Their deposit is there to back this up - if it's left in an unsatisfactory condition then we will use it to make the necessary repairs and replacements.

  • Be Considerate to Neighbours

    Your tenants must be considerate to the nearby residents of other properties. If they are repeatedly causing issues, we may need to begin eviction procedures.

  • Not Take a Lodger or Sub Let Without Permission

    As per the tenancy agreement, your tenants must ask for permission before allowing any extra occupants in your property. This does not include non paying persons, such as friends or additional children.

Required Certifications

The UK Government requires a number of things to be professionally inspected and documented in order for a property to be rented out. These include:

  • A Gas Safety Certificate

    We will have this carried out on your behalf, unless you already have a valid certificate that was made recently enough to qualify for the appointment of new tenants. The charge to us for this service is £54, which we pass directly on to you. This certificate must be renewed each year.

  • An Energy Performance Certificate

    A full breakdown of your property's energy performance is required when renting out a property. As with the gas safety certificate, we will carry this out on your behalf if necessary and pass the cost on to you. The price for an EPC is not fixed, but is normally around £250.

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